Social Events

It’s not all work for the Lions, we also have an active social calendar.

Over the last 12 months we have

Gave the Deeping rugby club beer festival our best effort (and promise to try harder next year). We went bowling (finally proving that age and ability are no barrier to winning). The Deeping Lions enjoyed a Quiz evening with some very odd answers supplied by both the teams and the quizmaster who has promised to not believe everything he reads on Wikipedia any more!!!!.

During the summer the Lions club went on a Boat trip (although I believe some people slept for most of the time) and had a great day in the sun.

We organised a Race Night to raise funds for the club and if the betting wasn’t fixed then some people had more luck than they deserved.

Our formal event for the year is our Charter dinner where dinner jackets and long frocks are the order of the day, we sit down to a 5 course dinner followed by “hopefully” short speaches then dancing the night away.

To carry on the eating theme we also have a less formal Xmas dinner before we start helping Santa and last year we had a great night at the Deeping Stage, thanks guys. We also had an informal Xmas social (more drink) and this years highlight was definitely the french bread (well done Mike and Barbara)

The next twelve months

This year we hope to add a night out at Tolethorpe, and to add other different events to enliven our evenings. Why don’t you come and join us ?.

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