Club Projects

As a club the Deepings Lions get involved in many different projects, some are short events where we attend offer assistance (this can be financial Labour or a mix of both) and some are projects which carry a long lasting commitment.

Deepings Lions Go ‘A Gleaning’ to Avoid Food Waste

‘Gleaning’ is the act of collecting leftover crops after they have been commercially harvested.  It has been carried out for centuries and in the past was essential for the poor to survive.

Nowadays gleaning has an important role to play to help to avoid wasting nutritious foods such as fruit and vegetables.

To contribute to the ‘war on food waste’ The Deeping Lions Club is organising a Gleaning event on the 17th September. Farmers, growers, allotment holders and gardeners and householders who have any unwanted produce that can easier be used, are invited to bring produce along to Market Deeping Community Centre Garden on those dates. Club Members will then distribute the food to care homes and charities to feed the hungry and other good causes.

It you would like to take part in the gleaning event please use the CONTACT US form or call us 03458337489 and let know your: Name, Contact number e­ mail address and the type and amount of produce you will be donating. We’ll then confirm arrangements with you for the delivery.


Message in a Bottle is an ongoing project to provide FOC to “any and all” an emergency medication advice system for emergency services to use should they visit you in your home and you are unable to communicate with them for whatever reason.

The Deepings Lions supply a container with a form inside which you fill in with any medical conditions you may have and any medication you are on so the emergency services know how to treat you.
The “bottle” also comes with stickers you put near your front door to alert the emergency services that you participate in the scheme so they know to look in the fridge for the container.


A main aim for the Deepings Lions club is supporting local youth groups. This we feel one of the best ways of ensuring that youngsters grow up with the best chances of achieving their full potential. We help by supplying equipment that the clubs may not be able to afford themselves or by giving them the opportunity of trying new things that life may not normally afford them the opportunity of trying.

The Deepings Lions don’t only help the young, Age concern, the visually impaired, The Red cross and St Johns ambulance are all groups we have assisted and we will continue to do so.

In 2012 The Lions decided to reinstate our duck race and put all the proceeds towards Macmillan Nurses. This resulted in a cheque for approx £1,300 being presented with our best wishes.

The Deepings Community Centre needed some of their grounds turning into a usable garden for all those using the facilities during the long hot summers, so the Deepings Lions proved that Alan Titchmarsh was not the only one with Green fingers and very ably produced something that even Capability Brown would be proud of. We have a team that have provide on going garden maintenance to ensure that the garden can be enjoyed.

There are always those in the community who for no fault of their own require some assistance to get back on their feet. This is where quietly with no fuss the Lions do some of their best work.

A well needed break for a carer, A computer for someone disabled so they can be on an equal footing with their more able peers, Decorating for someone who is trying to live independently in this confusing world we all inhabit, A new cooker or a shed for a disability scooter,

You may be surprised the things we turn our hands to.

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